Bellefield Tooling manufacture, with our main area of expertise being specialised tooling for the motor & mining industry, specifically- in form inserts, form cutters and a wide range of form and core drills. All of these are manufactured from tungsten carbide or high speed steel.

Tungsten tipped boring and form tools for automatic production machines, as well as tungsten carbide & high speed steel spade drills also form a big part of our manufacturing portfolio. We also supply standard brazed tools, the size and shape can be altered to suit the specific needs of the client. Other services offered are the sharpening of milling cutters and grinding of radius’s, face cutters, slot drills and end mills. General engineering is also an important part of our production. Wear plates, as well as numerous other components for the mining industry are examples. We can also assist you with any wire cutting requirements, the cutting of carbide dies, carbide form tools, punches and broaches.

What we offer

Wire cutting

Form Tools, Dies and punches

CNC Machining

Drilling, Surface Milling, Pocket Milling

CNC Turning

Turning, Threading, Bore turning


Tungsten Carbide, High Speed Steel


Standard Brazed Tooling, Form Tools, Specialized Tungsten Carbide Tooling Specialized H.S.S Tooling

General Engineering

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